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Dental Referals

Here is a list of Dentists who treat and understand RSD/CRPS and TMJ/TMD.

Mark A. Piper, D.M.D., M.D.

111 Second Avenue NE

St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Phone: (727) 823-3220

Pamela Steed, D.M.D.

St. Vincent’s Professional Building

8402 Harcourt Road, Suite #724

Indianapolis, IN 46260

Phone: (317) 338-6464

Published Articles

Steed PA: The utilization of contact liquid crystal thermography in the evaluation of temporomandibular dysfunction. Cranio, 9: 120-128 1991.

Steed PA: The longevity of temporomandibular disorder improvements after active treatment modalities . Cranio, 22(2): 110-4ᅠᅠ 2004ᅠ

M. Jeffery Morton, D.M.D.

520 Strokes Road Rt. 541

Medford, NJ 08055

Phone: (609) 953-0050

Published Articles

Morton MJ, Pitel ML :Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Complicating the Management of TMJ Symptoms. A Case Report. J of Craniomandibular Practice, 7 (3): 239-242 1989.

*Please note: The International Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Foundation is not affiliated with any of the above mentioned Dental Professionals listed on this page. This information is simply published as a general information source only.